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  1. Thank you everyone! Does anyone know where I can get a sample of oil from the pan tested for the small pieces of metal that are in it that maybe would tell us where the metal is coming from?
  2. When I went to get things for it they told me the engine is aCrestline. Was that an older model Ford?
  3. Anyone know what the torque specs for my 54 Ford 239 Y block oil pan nuts and for the valve cover?
  4. Engine is not stuck!! Yippee! Now to cleaning parts.
  5. I will do what you suggested. I really appreciate your comments. I first want to see if we can get the engine running. You telling me ballpark figures, helps do much. I wanted to leave it to one of my sons but they don’t have room for it . I would like to get it in running condition so each of my children and grandchildren can drive it around town and then sell it. I will get more pictures.
  6. I will try your way first, thanks. I was just curious where I’d look for an engine.
  7. God Bless you! That’s a lot of info. We haven’t had car shows in the last year but maybe soon.
  8. I had a guy look at my engine in my 40 Continental. The engine is a V-8 and on the block is EBU6015F and 48K:3 on Exhaust manifold. Any idea what engine it is ? I know it’s a Ford.
  9. I will have to find a mechanic. I’ve been waiting on one for over a year to have time.
  10. My Dads car has been sitting a few years. He had it in good running condition and even showed it Concours de Elegance events event though he had changed the engine in the 50s to a V8. My husband thinks I need to get a new engine since it hasn’t been run in so long. Any advise? Where would I find a new engine? What do I need to know?
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