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  1. You’re right. It’s the Ball&Ball D6H2.Also has 6-595 and 0-660 stamped on sides
  2. Great pics. And good insight of what I can expect to see. I haven’t gotten into it yet( mayb tomorrow) but will post the carb info and progress
  3. Yes I’ve done a few carbs in the past just on late 70’s and 80’s, never something this old. I’ll look at that number when get carb off in next couple days. While I have it apart to clean it up I guess I’ll do a rebuild too. It would be interesting to only clean it out and see if functions though. Thanks very much for all the help!!
  4. Ok, I’ll look on the web. Hopefully I can just download one. This car has been in the family since it was driven off the lot and so I have some engine and rebuild books but none of those has the carb specs you speak of. This is a nice forum to have so backyard mechanics like me can find help on these classic old cars. Thanks
  5. I didn’t think that would be the problem cause I was moving the throttle by hand last week and I thought I could hear the gas squirting in there. But doing the visual like you suggested I didn’t see any gas whatsoever getting in. So I’ll start looking for a carb kit. Do you think kits are hard to find for that 51 Plymouth. Thanks!! I appreciate your help.
  6. Thanks, I’ll try that.
  7. This is my first post although I have visited many times to seek info. My 51 Plymouth runs decent but it does bog down even in idle if I give about half pedal sudden like. If I slowly depress pedal it’s fine. There is an adjustment screw on carb,( I only see one, not counting idle adjustment) but it has no affect on the engine. Does anyone think it is most likely a carb problem or should I be looking elsewhere? Thanks for any advice!
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