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  1. Hello, As I'm looking for the headliner and a part of the carpet for 1931 Buick series 87 4 door sedan I have a question. The color of the interior is some kind of silver. Does the interior color have a name or code that I could use when ordering? Can I order the headliner/carpet just by stating the color name of will I have to wait for samples? I'm waiting for samples from SMS. Are there any other companies to look for when buying headliner/carpet? Any help is appreciated Johann
  2. Thank you very much. So as I'm looking for a dash panel for '31 series 87 it will only fit from the none coupe 80/90 series? Johann
  3. Hello. Do all the series for the 1931 Buick use the same dash? Thanks in advance, Johann
  4. @Str8-8-DaveThank you so much. You've been more than helpful. Anyone else have any of the other parts or knows where I can get them? Regards, Johann
  5. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it Now that I have seen the parts involved I will go through the boxes one last time to see if I can find any of these. We will then start to order, search and make parts. Is the inside control a standard Trico item or is it a GM/Buick item? And also do you remember which wiper arms and blades you got at Snyder's? https://www.snydersantiqueauto.com/Products/model-a/windshield-wiper Regards, Johann
  6. Here are some old pictures before teardown:
  7. Hello all A friend is restoring a 1931 Buick 87 four door sedan. It was bought disassembled in boxes from estate and now when in final stages of restoration it turns out there are numbers of items missing. He went back to the family he bought it from and they remembered throwing some of the parts away :( If anyone has parts or knows where to get them any help is appreciated. So here are the parts that are needed and questions about them: 1) The rear bumper bars. We do have the mounting bracket and the vertical fasteners. This is the bumper that goes all the way from
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