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  1. Thanks We are from Hershey and my dad was a member for many years. I will list on Craigslist in PA. My dad was a 50s ford guy. 52/53 and 57 and 59 retracts, hence the sky liners. Many of the issues have notes on the front page for why he saved them. Convertible top repair for his convertible, etc. Maybe if I explain, someone would be interested. Probably only about 6 boxes worth.
  2. I have piles and piles of these publications. Are they worth anything? Or should I recycle? Thanks for the advise. Cheryl
  3. hi, I have piles of antique auto magazines, chuck wagon news, old cars weekly news and marketplace and The Skyliner-published by the international ford retractable club. are any of these worth anything or should I just recycle? could you please advise as they were my father's and he recently passed away. many thanks, Cheryl Stoner Brown
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