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  1. I didn't realize 482 is brake code i blew couple brake lines so that explains that code, im going to pull cam sensor see what magnet looks like just purchased this car so trying to learn everything about them they are completely new to me little different then what im used to working on. Thanks for your help Ronnie
  2. E041 current B482 current B488 history B552 history C553 history heres what i got
  3. Okay thanks Ronnie after work ill check them.
  4. My 1989 keeps popping electrical problem detected what does this mean how do i determine what's wrong with the car
  5. 2seater they are 5/16 just took them off matched them up
  6. 2 seater, okay thankyou now I know which line I need to take off to flush it. I'm pretty sure its 5/16 but I'm not 100 percent just seeing if anyone knew
  7. Does anyone know what size tubing is used on the transmission mine look pretty rusty since i'm having the brake lines and fuel lines replaced next week. figured I grab some tubing do transmission lines as well. Also do you take off top or bottom transmission line off the radiator to do a flush I seen video somewhere where they took 1 line off kept adding fluid till it came out clean to flush it but I don't remember which line I can't find that video now thanks for help so far on here guys.
  8. Daves89 thanks that won't bother me either 2seater i meant bubble flare, so front and back brake lines are both the bubble flare with m10 fittings. The fuel lines are standard steel fittings nothing special i can just buy tubing size with normal standard ends
  9. daves89 thanks what I needed to know if it was or not before I order it. Also do you happen to know what the 3 fuel line sizes looks like pressure and return have nuts on them and vapor line is just rubber ? I like to buy some tubing to replace them but I'm trying to have everything so my shop isn't stuck needing to order parts. Also I found rear brake lines are m10 x 1.0 nuts double flare with 3/16 lines does anyone know if front are same or not
  10. I was curious what size fuel lines are on a 1989 Buick Reatta Coupe Mine are rusted and leaking wanted to pick up some line to start replacing them before I rip everything apart I like to know what sizes to pick up. Also has anyone had steering column thats loose I can move the wheel around alot it feels like its going to break off or something. Also wheres best place to get a Fuel Sending unit I like to replace it since it looks like its rusty I ordered new tank from dorman but no luck on a sending unit. I was reading on forum somewhere you could use a 1988 Cadillac Eldorado sending unit which is dorman # 692-102. Is there any special way you have to bleed the brakes on these I'm going to replace all 4 calipers, rotors,pads and couple of lines that are starting to leak I emailed Marck Barker "NCReatta" and Jim Finn about good sending that wasn't rusty waiting to see if email me back. Any help with this car would be great.
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