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  1. I ended up buying 550/600-19 Firestone tires, my wife really liked the look of them. But now I’m trying to find some tubes to go with them. I found these on Lucas Classic Tires but I’m not sure if they will be too big: 600/700-19/21 TR440 bent brass stem tube Any advice?
  2. Would anybody know if a 5.50/6.00-19 would be too big if the car originally had a tire size of 5.50-19? Not sure with the reproduction tires if it makes much difference? I was comparing Goodrich and Firestone for my 1930 Stude Commander. But the Firestone only comes in 5.50/6.00-19 instead of a 5.50-19.
  3. I have a 1930 Studebaker Commander Sedan and it takes 6.00x19 tires. I’m having a hard time locating that tire size and tubes with bent metal valve stems. Any recommendations on tires and tubes and where I can find them? And what brands I should avoid? 5.50 are too narrow and 6.50 would rub. Thanks!
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