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  1. Yeah. Two things happened there; I couldn’t get the gear out (I always avoid forcing anything) and then I misread the instructions and thought it said to pull the worm gear out. Yeah. That’s a good thing to mention since it’s not in the instructions, but I did put it on.
  2. The headlight door repair went well, mostly. The actuator was clearly the problem. The rollers looked and felt ok yet but changed them anyway. But dang, putting that motor back together with those spring loaded brushes...sheesh! I ended up putting the motor back together except for the stator then slipping zip ties around the wires. I reached out to EastCoastReattaParts for some tricks and he happened to suggest the same thing... “Hey Jason, I have seen people make loops out of twist ties to go around the wires and hold them to the motor as
  3. Spending my week of vacation doing what I want to do, car stuff. Last two days was spent on headlight motor and door speakers. I also needed to test a radio I got out of the junkyard and maybe hook a Bluetooth receiver up to the tape inputs. I ordered an Infinity Kappa component speaker set but used some DS18 3.5” speakers instead of the little tweeter. I just wanted the crossover and 5.25” Kappas. The crossover found room stuck in the inside front door. The junkyard stereo is better but I won’t be happy till I recap my original. Front speakers still sound a bit weaker vo
  4. Thanks. I’ll look into that. If you have pics cool, otherwise I do have the big Buick service manual for it
  5. Had a bit of vibration when the fan was in high...plus it didn’t seem to push much air. I guess this hood insulation would explain it. After cleaning out the blower fan, changed the spark plugs and wires so of course I decided to clean up the engine bay... BEFORE It was pretty gross, lots of oil, tree crap and rodent stuff. Emptied a whole can of brake clean to get rid of the sludge. AFTER I'm pretty sure the cover isn’t the correct year but it was the best j e at the scrap yard.
  6. Popped in at Gibsons today and found a fresh, untouched ‘88. Got myself a few things to add to my inventory including the guage cluster, CRT and radio. Not sure how to test them but I’m not planning anything until I need one. Pretty happy I grabbed this, didn’t realize I had a different one.
  7. Finally got the fuel line replaced. Didn’t do any other fuel or brake lines but made sure the surface under the lines was treated, painted and under coated. GM really skimped on the undercoating. it was a pretty simply task using 3/8 nylon fuel lines, 3/8 steel repair line with 16mm fitting, and a heat gun.
  8. Hah! Was able to get it out of the garage and on the road. Finished putting in my Dorman subframe bushings. Easy enough job other than having to cut out the old style bushing studs using my straight die grinder. I don’t know how it handled before but I can say for sure I like how it handles now! Found this while putting in the last bushing so I fixed that up. Not sure yet what it was for...maybe the A/C? He deleted the compressor so don’t really know for sure yet. Still couldn’t get it started, just air at the fuel rail coming out of the Schrader valve. It ran with a
  9. I really like working in this Reatta. I’ve never had a car that came apart this easy...no broken bolts, no need for a torch, maybe just a breaker bar. Ok, those little pos 10mm bushing mounts kind of sucked and had to be ground out. But even that wasn’t too bad. Anyway, fuel filter, new calipers (ds caliper was locked), rotors and pads, sway bar links, (partial) strut rod bushings (was not up for drilling out the rivets) and subframe mounts (definitely follow the instructions at reattaowner.com). Did a quick patch of the fuel lines, no leaks but still no fuel
  10. I do a wire wheel, POR15, rust oleum and then more undercoating.
  11. Yeah, up here in Wisconsin, for a 30+ year old, if it's just surface rust you can sand away, it's rust free.
  12. Did a bit of cleaning of the interior. Dying to get into the engine compartment and clean this up. Have some new iridium plugs and new wires on the way. Along with the Dorman subframe bushings, I also ordered up some new sway bar links, strut rod bushings, calipers, rotors and pads. Hopefully I can get that all in this weekend. I'll definitely post up many pics of those tasks. It was suggested in another thread that 4th gen Camaro calipers and 12" rotors will bolt on and while that may be the case they won't fit in the 15" rims . And I hon
  13. Got it home and kicked my sons Volvo 740 out of the garage. Didn't get it started yet but nice to see all the displays and controls work fine. Radio crackly and it sounds like I'll need to redo those 6 capacitors. Also tape deck head appears to be stuck in play mode but I'm going to tap into the inputs and put in a bluetooth receiver inside the center console. Gave the underside the once-over and I'm very happy with how it looks. Just need to sand down some spot welds in the floor pan and then actually undercoat the car like one would expect. I guess I'm
  14. Picked up my first Reatta coupe with 67,000 miles, vin 1g4ec11c4jb901417. No rust, no major interior issues, a few mechanical (fuel line leak, frozen caliper) but nothing severe. I’ll be using this thread as a repository for my photos and updates. Was literally a barn find but we did get it running long enough to hear the engine until the fuel leak just got too much (guess it just pushed more of that rust out of the way and maybe some into the filter)
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