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  1. Thats sad. I’ll hang it in the garage for awhile if it doesn’t sell. Someone will need one sooner or later.
  2. Btt. Make offer, need it gone. Close to Carlisle if you are at the spring show
  3. I recently came across a Studebaker 11 boat. Simple, heavy old row boat. No connection to the car manufacturer. Would there be any interest among Studebaker collector’s? I’m near Carlisle and Hershey and have considered listing it there is any interest.
  4. For sale is a double hump 1970 442/Cutlass S hood. Solid and straight, slight paint damage along edges. Has rear chrome and Olds script. Chrome Grilles are fair. No latch, tooth, or front chrome trim. Real nice red hood. $250, ftf south central pa. Willing to deliver locally to buyer or to your shipper for packing and shipping. Email oldgreybeard@outlook.com
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