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  1. It’s a 1963 Chevy truck v8, these are the wires that come out of the back of my turn signal switch. Your suggested schema did not work sadly. More trial and error needed
  2. 1963 Chevy turn signal switch has old/not OE wire colors. The switch works fine but I don’t know the wire order to connect to new wire harness. I know the brown wire is the horn but I don’t know the function of the other wires, if someone can tell me what each wire goes to id be very thankful.
  3. Wow thank you for detailing this out! I have a few questions. The new wiring harness has 12v Hot coming from my starter. With using what you described in your post that 12v should go the the big red post on my alternator and then to terminal 3 on the regulator?
  4. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-9zBvEUmtMimYcwOAIUxl2HmAZHvpwSt yea it’s a pickup. Im sure anything you could tell me would help. thanks
  5. It’s my first time ever doing electrical and I need some help adapting a wiring harness that only supports internally regulated alternators to an externally regulated alternator. Here are the original and new wiring diagrams. The goal is to have the generator light on the dash also work. Thank you for your help
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