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  1. There being only a handful in existence, if he owned one, I think this is the only one that’s been to America
  2. Thanks Colin. We have near a full UK history on the car. The reason we bought it is that we are Cambridge based and thought it ought to ‘come home’ The local history society in the village it was new are excellent and have compiled this: https://www.meldrethhistory.org.uk/topics/transport/meldreths_first_car
  3. Hi Everyone I'm from the UK and have just acquired a 1910 Straker Squire that spent 50 odd years Stateside. The car came with next to no history of its time in America and I'd love to find out if anyone has any photos or information on its time in the country. The car is 15hp Tourer with a detachable body. It was imported via San Francisco in the mid 60s by George N Hosford MD, who wrote about his early history with the car in an issue of Antique Automobile around that time. It took part in the 8th Biennial Reno Tour around that time. I have no further history on the car between then and 2004 when it appeared at Bonhams Quail Lodge Sale apart from their sparse catalogue description mentioning Paul Garbini, Mayor of Colma as a one time owner. Being such an unusual make of vehicle I wonder if anyone has any information or photos they could share to fill in the 50 year gap in its history? Thanks Adam
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