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  1. Cold sometimes comes unexpectedly and it seems that worse could not be imagined. However, I can say that there are worse things for me - frequent rains. I hate it when I have to drive on rough terrain in the suburbs and wash the car from sticky mud with clay EVERY day. Thank God I do not live at the time to do it with my hands but just used this thing. Second thanks for moving away from the standard cowboy lifestyle on the farm. This is just iron and not a pet that requires special care in any bad weather.

  2. Your Yamaha is in great shape)) Do you prefer race tracks or off-road options? I would like to go to some motorcycle show this summer. While I tend to choose Progressive IMS Outdoors. August is a great time for such an event (I'm planning in Chicago). I want to try to restore my father's Yamaha. The motorcycle was just kept in the garage. I don't think there will be problems with this but I am mentally ready to navigate to these guys. The good thing is that replacing parts is not a super difficult problem yet. This covid year has robbed me of a lot of fun and I hope not to miss the opportunity this year.

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