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  1. Thanks everyone, I realized I won’t sacrifice the beauty of this car for some air between my jewels. I guess I’ll just toss on a speedo in the summer.
  2. Didn’t even think about it like that, thank you, I guess the A/C is a no go
  3. I want to run A/C and a radio so I drive it comfortably, everyday with the summer heat
  4. Hey guys, I recently acquired a 1938 Buick Coupe convertible special 40, and was thinking about getting the 6 volt to 12 volt conversion kit from vintage auto garage but wanted to know if I had to switch the bulbs as well on my lights, and if I had to where could I find them? As well if there are any other steps I need to take part in before or after purchasing the conversion kit. Any advice will be appreciated.
  5. I am located in Massachusetts could you email your friends contact info please?
  6. Looking to buy the ORIGINAL rear differential for a 1938 Buick coupe convertible special 40. If you have one please email me at bostontattoo@aol.com so we can do business.
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