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  1. Hi Thanks for a lot for informations about engines. For many years ago there was put in a Ford A motor, which is a 4 cylinder. There was sold many Ford A i Denmark so it has been easy to find a Ford A engine.
  2. Hi I have been informed that my car original had a Continental 19 L engine. 6 cylinder, 45 HP. So now i am looking for such complete engine Kristian
  3. Hi Thanks a lot for your reply. I will start looking for a Continental L engine for my Paige Best regards Kristian Sigaard Denmark
  4. I have a Paige 1927. But for many years ago, the engine was replaced with another brand. Therefore I am interested in a complete engine for this car. It must be with carburator, starter etc. Do anybody know where to find a 6 cylinder, original engine for this car
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