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  1. Thanks Kerry, I started a new thread on the Trans Am country forum in the lobby section.
  2. Thanks for the tip TAKerry. I'll try Classic Industries next week and see if they can talk their supplier in to making me some. Crazy thing is the 1980 emission sticker is identical to mine except it has a ZN code in the upper left corner instead of 7A. The tune-up decal is almost identical too, just needs the bottom line removed and the part # changed.
  3. All I have are the originals on the car which are posted above. If I can't find someone to reproduce them I'll just have to mask them off when I restore the radiator panel and leave the originals on the car. I don't mind the worn look of the decals, I'm just worried I'll ruin them when I strip the panel because its in pretty rough shape.
  4. Can anyone recommend someone that can make the two emissions decals pictured below that go on the radiator cover for my Canadian sold 81 Z28? I just ordered new VIN and tire pressure decals from ECS but they won't make them or even try for some reason. I tried Jim Osborn Reproductions but they only sell decals they already have in stock.
  5. Unbelievable work foxhole, you are a master of your trade and I tip my hat to you. What a gorgeous car that is, absolutely stunning.
  6. You might try ECS Auto Concepts in St Louis, Mo. They've made me a couple of unique tire pressure and conformance label decals over the years that turned out excellent. I'm going to be needing a "Unleaded Fuel Only" decal in French for my Canadian sold Z28 eventually so I'll be anxious to see what you come up with. Best of luck, Chad
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