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  1. The hubcaps on the two cars are different. The car in the advert has a window in the roof; the car on the street doesn't. Are they both 1974 Ford Torinos or is the car on the street something else and, if so, what? Thanks, Leslie
  2. If we're going to go down that route, see: https://twitter.com/LeslieKatz19/status/1356382994643230720?s=20
  3. Thank you so much to both nzcarnerd and dustycrusty. I had looked at the link to IMCDb, but didn't know enough to recognise the car from that link. dustycrusty's being able to decipher the "Oceane" solved the problem. Interestingly, I recently found that another old photo on Twitter showed a Simca as well. Thanks again, Leslie
  4. The car on the left is a Chrysler New Yorker, but I can't identify the car on the right. There's writing on the side, but I can't make it out. I'd be grateful for any help. Thank you.
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