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  1. Well, in that case it is definitely an 835 we have. Thank you.
  2. Thx Bill, Makes much more sense when you explain that the VIN was preceeded by the model code. Appreciate your help!
  3. Excellent picture! Thx for sharing. If that's an 8-35, then I suppose ours is too as they certainly look identicle. However, I doubt that it's the same car as ours. That car appears to have early Swedish number plates, and our example was sopposedly registered in Denmark from brand new. If it's any help to you, the body number of ours is: 537-865
  4. I did try to create an account, but kept being thrown off. Anyway, thank you for those numbers. That'll do for what I need while writing our new spec. sheets. Much appreciated! 🙂
  5. @wmsue I did think about doing that, but it doesn't quite make sense as several of those numbering sequences overlap. Looking at 1927 as an example: 93A : 89021 - 116213 96 : 1 - 110344 Using your method, I would endn up counting all the chassis numbers from 89021 to 110344 twice. Surely that can't be right??
  6. @alsancle The link you've provided keeps crashing every time I try to log in as a guest. Frustrating... Any chance anyone can log in and find production numbers for me? I would really appreciate it... @V.Milke I'll attempt to attach a few pictures. I'm no pro on the subject, but I'm fairly certain ours is an 8-31. Conditionwise, it's not a Pebble Beach winner, but it is indeed in very good and tidy condition both in, out and mechanically. Also comes with full Danish history from new. We are only the third owner of the car...
  7. Gentlemen, I'm not hugely active on the forum, but I've previously posted a bit under Buick when our museum recently purchased a 1908 Buick Model 10, and againunder Overland where I had a similar question to the one I'm presaentin here. We've recently purchased a 1931 REO Royale 8 Victoria for our museum here in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm currently in the process of writing new spec. & description sheets for all our cars, and I've unfortunately not been able to find out how many Royale 8 were produced. I'm after the combined production number of all Royale 8 between 1931 and 1933 please. It would be hugely appreciated if anyone has this information...
  8. Hi Bill, Thank you very much for your reply and your willingness to help me. Much appreciated... Our Whippet is indeed a 96A from 1929. In the meantime, I've managed to write the new spec. & description sheet for our Overland. However, I still haven't been able to find any production numbers. Do you know how many Whippets (93 and 96 and 98 combined) were produced between 1927 and 1931? This information wouldbe very helpful to me. As for our museum; we are currently in the process of opening up a brand new one. We are in Bagsvaerd in the north of Copenhagen and plan on opening (Covid allowing of course) in late June or early July. If you get to Copenhagen again, please do drop by. It would be a pleasure to have visitors from as far away as the US. 🙂
  9. Gentlemen, I'm not hugely active on the forum, but I've previously posted a bit under Buick when our museum recently purchased a 1908 Buick Model 10. However, we've also had a 1929 Overland Whippet 96 Coach in our collection for quite some years. I'm currently in the process of writing new spec. sheets and descriptions for all our cars, and I must humbly confess that the Whippet is not a model I know a whole lot about. For starters, does anyone know the total production number of the Whippet from 1927 to 1931? And is it true that there was a 6-cylinder Whippet as well, or were they all 4-cylinder? THx in advance...
  10. Once again, thanks to all of you for your input. I'm of course glad that the consensus seems to be that the price we paid was right for a Model 10. A Model S would clearly have been a much more extravagant addition to the museum, but with rarity like that, it's unlikely to happen. With the Model 10 being such a defining car for Buick, it has plenty to offer our exhibition. We don't intend to make it a 100-point prize winner. Instead we will simply make a few minor improvements to bring it up a notch or two. Then display it in our museum and take it out for a couple of runs each summer. I'm confident that the Buick will look fabulous parked between our replica of a 1886 Benz Motor Patentwagen and our 1922 Ford T. Some of our other pre-war highlights are a cute little UK Royal Mail 1926 Morris Cowley, 1929 Overland Whippet 96 Coach, 1930 Ford A Victoria and our latest acquisition, a truly beautiful 1931 REO Royale Victoria...
  11. Thank you Gentlemen, I'll try contacting RM Sothebys...
  12. @Morgan Wright, you say it's a lot of money for a Model 10? I'm curious, what would you say the current market value is for a nice, clean but certainly not concours Model 10?
  13. Thx for your input Gentlemen. Much appreciated... So it does indeed seem to be a Model 10 that we've bought. To be honest, at the price we paid, I'm not terribly worried. But we've got a museum where we will obviously exhibit our Buick. I just wouldn't want to be the one claiming it's a Buick Model S if it is in fact a Model 10. I'll leave it to RM Sothebys to make those kind of mistakes... 😉
  14. Dear Gentlemen, I am a lifelong classic car enthusiast, but confess to having dealt primarily with cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Therefore, my knowledge on Vintage vehicles is somewhat superficial even if I find them hugely fascinating and charming. This is why I humbly ask your help... We have recently purchased a 1908 Buick Model S Roadster with S/N 252. More precisely, this particular car: https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/af20/auburn-fall/lots/b0039-1908-buick-model-s-roadster/886826 Also the second car from last on this page: https://rickcarey.com/rm-auctions-auburn-fall-auburn-in-september-3-5-2020/ I'm now trying to learn more about the model and not least our car in particular. First of all, can someone tell me the differences between a Buick Model 10 and a Buick Model S? I've found that the Model 10 has a 165 cu. in. 4-cylinder engine and a 2-speed transmission while the Model S has a more powerful 255 cu. in. 4-cylinder engine with a 3-speed transmission. Is this correct? But are there any visual differences between the two? Frankly, I find that our Model S looks remarkably like a Model 10. To the extent where I'm dreading whether RM Sothebys might have sold us a Model 10 which they advertised as a Model S. I'm hoping someone here can put my fears to rest! Looking forward to your replies...
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