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  1. Gentlemen, I'm not hugely active on the forum, but I've previously posted a bit under Buick when our museum recently purchased a 1908 Buick Model 10. However, we've also had a 1929 Overland Whippet 96 Coach in our collection for quite some years. I'm currently in the process of writing new spec. sheets and descriptions for all our cars, and I must humbly confess that the Whippet is not a model I know a whole lot about. For starters, does anyone know the total production number of the Whippet from 1927 to 1931? And is it true that there was a 6-cylinder Whippet as w
  2. Once again, thanks to all of you for your input. I'm of course glad that the consensus seems to be that the price we paid was right for a Model 10. A Model S would clearly have been a much more extravagant addition to the museum, but with rarity like that, it's unlikely to happen. With the Model 10 being such a defining car for Buick, it has plenty to offer our exhibition. We don't intend to make it a 100-point prize winner. Instead we will simply make a few minor improvements to bring it up a notch or two. Then display it in our museum and take it out for a couple of runs
  3. Thank you Gentlemen, I'll try contacting RM Sothebys...
  4. @Morgan Wright, you say it's a lot of money for a Model 10? I'm curious, what would you say the current market value is for a nice, clean but certainly not concours Model 10?
  5. Thx for your input Gentlemen. Much appreciated... So it does indeed seem to be a Model 10 that we've bought. To be honest, at the price we paid, I'm not terribly worried. But we've got a museum where we will obviously exhibit our Buick. I just wouldn't want to be the one claiming it's a Buick Model S if it is in fact a Model 10. I'll leave it to RM Sothebys to make those kind of mistakes... 😉
  6. Dear Gentlemen, I am a lifelong classic car enthusiast, but confess to having dealt primarily with cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Therefore, my knowledge on Vintage vehicles is somewhat superficial even if I find them hugely fascinating and charming. This is why I humbly ask your help... We have recently purchased a 1908 Buick Model S Roadster with S/N 252. More precisely, this particular car: https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/af20/auburn-fall/lots/b0039-1908-buick-model-s-roadster/886826 Also the second car from last on this page:
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