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  1. thank you very much both of you! i will take all the information received and apply it properly ! and thank you i will be ordering the part from that site to ensure i get the proper parts
  2. hello as i am relatively low on funds i wanna try and fix my car my self i have enough for parts n tools is there anything i need to know before i start taking stuff apart and also will 2 jack stands be suffiecent enough clearance to replace this part?
  3. u wanna buy a TC i got one that id be willing to part with for a fair price
  4. Hello so yesterday my car has started to have problems with what i believe is the fuel pump... yesterday it was cranking and then it turns over but as soon as i give it it gas today it shuts off... and today it woundlt turn over as if there wasnt gas... im gonna try and get the gas tank filled up more to see if its the pump and if so i need help finding a fuel pump unless someone wishes to buy my TC i have title in hand registration paid off and am located in Sacramento...
  5. oh so i got brake lights then i believe i just really am trynna learn everything but my third light is out for sure
  6. and what bulb does it have maybe i could pick up a bulb on my way to the DMV
  7. if im not mistaken i have a 2.2L t2 automatic but ill take pictures of the engine maybe you could let me know! but i live in rancho Cordova, in california
  8. also i just bought a manual but in the mean time id love the seasoned advice... if anyone still follows this thread
  9. hello my name is Jaah, i decided i should introduce myself since i just i just bought a 89 TC and read the forums for any problem i may run into but the car is great, although ive had to do a couple things to the car as the seller lied to me about some aspects... but i was in love w the silhouette and all in all it was a decent car so i bought it for $2200 with minimal issues great interior and 100k miles i just wanna know any advice for not only a new owner but also a person new to working on cars (any tools you can think of that you frequently use, where the heck do i get that 6.0A fuse, how to remove the liner in the trunk to change my tail light bulbs, and ETC) i look forward to learning more about my car and all its quirks!
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