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  1. Here is my oil pan with the screen removed and holding 2 gallons of soapy water last night. Adding one additional quart of water brings it just above the screen level. Thoughts on capacity? I am thinking of marking 7 quarts as low and 9 quarts as my high mark.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I’ll fill my oil pan with water and see how many quarts I come up with when it’s level with the screen then report back. I’ll also try and gauge what depth my pump sits inside the pan.
  3. Hi guys, We had a pretty big snow / ice storm to hit the Oregon / Washington area a month ago. We were without power for 8 days followed by weeks of cleaning up downed trees. Probably finish the clean-up in a few more days working several hours each night after work. That being said, have not worked on the Stearns besides cleaning and painting the oil pan and cutting a new gasket. The oil float rod (aluminum) had also been damaged at some point and would not travel / float, I have replaced this. I have two questions for the group. 1. How many quarts of oil does the book call for, it's a model C engine in a 1925. There is no marking on the float rod, if the car calls for say 5 quarts, I'd like to start with say 4 to make a low mark then add the remaining to scribe the high mark. Thoughts? 2. The oil pump cover I noticed has a threaded hole in the bottom, should there be a pipe reaching further into the oil pan sump for pick-up??? Thanks for your help and suggestions. Ned
  4. I dropped the pan over the weekend also needing to remove the aluminum casting under the flywheel to access the two hidden nuts. Oil pump and gears look good, are these different than the ones I’m seeing others posting about being pop metal? Looks like a cast iron body and steel gears with a pressed in brass bushing. Am I good to reassemble?
  5. E.G.G. was the owner of this car prior to the person I purchased it from, registration was still in the car from him. Trying to track down through the local club that knew E.G.G. who he may have purchased it through. I have only had time to blow the car down with air and vacuum the inside, move it into the shop, and put ATF down the cylinders. Do not have a manual for this car, where can one be purchased? Thanks
  6. Pughs, I'd be happy to measure the hotspot crossover tube for you, if I new what that was? Ned
  7. Edinmass, Good to know about the coil. Cosmetically, it is only original once, most likely will remain this way. Thank you again. Ned
  8. Edinmass and Mark, Thank you both so far. Broke away from chores this afternoon to confirm and answer questions and take additional photos. Engine number is 32658 and is listed on the title as the VIN number. Engine is a straight 6. Wheel base 121”. Mark, The first photo you posted shows what appears to be cowl lights, there is no indication my car had them. Also that photo shows the door handles being vertical, mine are horizontal. Second photo advertisement of the shocks appears to be closer to my car, no cowl lights and horizontal handles.
  9. Thank you Edinmass, Where is the engine number located? I will get additional pictures this weekend including engine. Scoping the engine, what might I be looking for? Thanks Ned
  10. Hi all, I just extracted this Tuesday afternoon from a collectors barn who’s owned it since about 1983. I am looking for information and where to start, I have no literature to go on. Title says 1925 but pictures I’ve seen in the sales book don’t show a sedan with front and rear suicide doors. Also, I understand Willys purchased the company in 1925, would mine be pre or post Willys? I’m excited to get started on this project and through this groups posts feel I could start by dropping and cleaning the pan, checking the oil pump but from there not sure. Engine is not stuck but has not been run in probably 10 years according to the owner. I was told vacuum tank developed a leak and would no longer pull fuel, that has been repaired and is sitting on the front seat ready to be installed. Thanks in advance. Ned
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