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  1. Hi Bill, where can i find Sam's AR manual?
  2. Hi Nickelroadster, deffinitively i want it - gonna write you personal message... but im gonna atemp to restore this one as well - just for the fun / hobby. I may upload photos along the way should someone have similar problem.
  3. Does this help? How do i locate the suspect and test it? Is it a part that is easy to find?
  4. Hi guys, After buying cleaning and polishing this radio I have pluged it to 12v added a speaker and all it did was slowly smoke. I removed the cover and determined that there was no obvious damage to electrical and mechanical components. I plugged the radio once more and observed that the smoke was comming from this transformer. Out of curiosity i took it apart (I was looking for chared plastics or burnt wiring) and I found that the inner most wire was parialy molten into a plastic housing of the unit and the insolation layer was flaky. 1. Is the faliure of this transfor
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