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  1. Seats as well. They might not look comfy but they are formed perfectly and not too bad on the butt at all. I've put a few miles in them. I have everything set up perfectly for me.
  2. Thanks so much. Some of my time had green so I didn't know if they were the original color.
  3. I picked up this 32 Buick Model 67 a few years ago and spent the last 4 years turning it into a hot rod . Here's a few pics. Feel free to ask any questions .
  4. Thanks ... it's a very fun car to drive. The rotted wood was replaced with metal. If I was a woodworker, I'd have attempted to redo the wood , but that would have been a real pain in the rear . I will start a new thread once I get all my pictures of the build in order.
  5. The car passes all Ontario Safety requirements. I have actually added more than is required for the year of the vehicle. I have fenders that bolt on and off for changing weather conditions , but the MTO specifications state that fenders are required to stop water from being sprayed up if it's raining. If it's not raining , they are not required ... similar to transports. The exhaust has internal baffles that make it quieter than my 2007 Toyota Tundra. I have 2 young kids , so the car was built with safety in mind. It has a functional windshield wiper , horn , all lights work , even has an elec
  6. The frame , and full running gear ( engine, trans, axles etc ) all went to a collector here in Ontario that owns several of these Buicks . I still have the front bumper , hood sides , and a few other odds and ends along with all sorts of original booklets like the salesman booklet from 1932 and a specs book from that year . Nothing has been crushed or sent to the garbage (other than destroyed fabric)
  7. Hey gals and guys. Figured I'd introduce myself . The name is Greg , from Ontario Canada. I purchased a barn find 1932 Model 67 a few years ago . The car was 99% complete and very solid. I did what most of you will hate ... I cut it up and hot rodded it. It got a new frame , new interior , new running gear. Here are a few before and after pictures. The green rims are going to black soon.
  8. Hi guys. I'm new here and joined after searching for information to decode my Fisher body tag . I've gathered as much as knowing it's a 32009 meaning a Model 67 in 1932 . Can you guys help with the rest? Thanks. Greg
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