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  1. Thanks again Jon! Once again I appreciate your feedback. Cheers
  2. Lastly, does anyone know a fair, rough value for a headlight in this condition? Obviously the buckets banged up but the glass appears crack free. I couldn't find many Hudson lights that had sold previously.
  3. Thanks Xander! Look the same to me. Yours even have the raised area on top like mine. I had trouble finding a comparable when searching the web.
  4. Thanks Jon! I appreciate you taking the time to get me that information. I suppose I was on the right path and you dialed in on the years/models for me! Now I can actually list it to get it to someone who may use it.
  5. Sorting through some headlights I have and this ones proving to be a bugger to ID. There’s a number on the bottom of the stand that leads me to Hudson. Can’t find much info and I’ve done a bit of searching the web and posting in another forum. Any help? Looking to ID/value it so I can pass it along to someone who can use it. Thanks in advance
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