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  1. Hi Harry, there are a few options on eBay for stands. Not sure if they are correct as per their description tho’. Search under ‘1934 plymouth headlight stand’ to see the options. I have since sourced a window frame so thanks for that. Just need a 34 Grille Shell good enough for re-chroming now!? If you knew where there was one I’d appreciate it. Thanks
  2. Sorry mate but these are different to mine. There is another gent in this link who they may suit. Thanks for your assistance, much appreciated.
  3. Revert to last Sunday my friend when I asked the question regarding frames on this thread which has been dormant for a year? I then get responses and you jump in to purchase ahead of me. Not fair play and certainly not in the spirit of these forums.
  4. Apologies, I see I am first? That makes sense. Please shoot me an email when ready. If the window is there I’d be interested in that too. Thanks again.
  5. Don, thanks for coming back to me. I would be happy with that price. Not sure how this forum works - I ask a question looking for the part, you then answer but someone else can just jump in and buy before me!?
  6. Hi, thank you for the reply. Could you please send pictures/price and any other parts information you care to share to Mickohalloran@gmail.com. Thanks
  7. Hi, thank you for the reply. Could you please send information to Mickohalloran@gmail.com. Thanks
  8. Hi All, I am looking for a Chrome window frame for a 34 PF - Any suggestion where to locate? Thanks
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