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  1. Hi Everybody, My wife and I made the trip to Texas to look at the car. It was a beautiful car, and everything that the dealer said it was. I made the purchase and the car is arriving on Feb. 10. Going right into storage until clear weather and clean roads in PA appear again. We really enjoyed the trip to this area. Made a stop at the LBJ Ranch (not my favorite guy, but, hey, we were there) and a drive down to San Antonio to see the Alamo and the Riverwalk. Fredericksburg was a cool old town. We are going to return when we have more time and leisure to check things out.
  2. Booked a hotel for the wife and myself today. Called the dealer and told him that I would see him next week, and he put a hold on the car for me. Buying my plane tickets tomorrow. I also asked the dealer if he had contact information on the former owner who actually restored the car. He e-mailed me the information. I phoned the gentleman this evening and he gave me a lot of information on the car.
  3. Haha. That is all great. Thank you for the info Victorialynn2. I think my wife would enjoy it, and I would love to see the Alamo. I understand there is also a Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg.
  4. Thanks to you all for the input. I really appreciate it. Thanks to you Matt for taking the time to give such a detailed answer. I do believe that I will take the trip to see it in person. I have been looking a long time to find one of these that wasn't chopped and customized. My wife gave me the green light, and it would not be good to have problems dropped off at my door. A few days out of the PA winter doesn't sound bad at any rate.
  5. The dealership placed ads on classiccars.com The dealership is Street Dreams located in Fredericksburg, TX I checked Better Business Bureau site and they have an A+ rating with no customer reviews or complaints. The company has been in business for 20 years. Many good reviews on their website but, of course, it is their website.
  6. Yes, after some browsing I am not getting a good sense that these inspection outfits are reliable. The dealer seems to be an established business, and the website provided many photos from all angles outside, inside, underneath, engine. The car appears to have been nicely restored and clean. I may have to pony up for a plane ticket.
  7. I am considering purchasing a car from out of state. I live in PA, the car is at a classic car dealership in TX. Can anyone recommend a reputable company to inspect and test the car. I read in a previous post that AAG was a scam. Can anyone shed any light on that claim? Any help would be appreciated.
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