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  1. I have a brand new in the box, front windshield for a 55,56 Chrysler, Desoto, $225 OBO. 7 0 8 9 3 5 4 9 4 1
  2. Where can i find the bulb size for the above application? I have the shop manual but couldn't it there. Thanks Torry
  3. Does anyone have a door striker for sale, the drivers side is worn so as to require having to pull down had to open the door. My wife has a hard time opening the door/
  4. I need this, $? to 65453 or 60163 which ever is less.
  5. Everything I've found so far indicates various self resettting breakers as Terryb indicated. The book, or at least the part of it i have, indicates the headlights have a breaker just for them. Then another, (on a C45) for the rest of the accessories including the flashers which are now operating once I figured out what the letters on each blade on the flasher was for. BTW, i got the shop manual I sent for, It's a DVD,,, & is going backl Both my 56 Wjndsor & 60 Adventurer have similliar systems but with in line fuses for some accessories. My 68 Newport has a fuse block with 1 breaker. As we speak, err write, the only two issues left, (electric wise) are the brake lights. I clamped the brake pedel in the down position useing the steeirng column. I have nothing coming out of either brake light leads. anyone know where the brake light switch is? Lastly, is there a horn ring assembly pic out there, I have a horn when I ground the center lead but not with the horn ring assembled. I'm not sure all the parts are there. Really appreciate the responses, Hell of a site! Handyman
  6. Similiar issue with my 49 Windsor. There is a aluminum foil type tape on the market. Clean the reflector behind the bulb & line the area with this tape. It dose not support flame & any heat generated does not seem to effect the adhesion qualities BUT, it will conduct so keep it away from elcectrical contact. My parking/turn signals look like headlights! We own a laundromat & I wrap the dryer vent pipe connections with this stuf, & they get hot.
  7. In response to Keith's informative post, the partial shop manual that came with the car, (I have one ordered) The part of the index that is there indicates the "lighting system" is controled by a circuit breaker. It dosen't say if it is the entire lighting system or not. Presently the headlights & parking lights work since I replaced all the sockets, headlights were no issue. However, no horn from the wheel, I think it's missing a part in the horn ring. and no turn signals, I'm looking for a 6 volt flasher. Question is how much or all of the electricial system on my 49 Chrysler is controlled by this circuit breaker? BTW: the old flasher was screwed to the firewall under the hood, it had aflange for mounting, do these need to be grounded? On my 12vt cars, the flashers are just hanging under the dash
  8. Wow! I really appreciate the info & the driving lesson. I thought I had that shifting thing mastered. Live & learn. Thanks again,
  9. Hi everyone. I just bought the above to add to the "fleet" 55 Belvedere, 56 Windsor, 60 Adventurer, 68 Newport & a 63 Galaxie (oops)! my only ragtop The 49 is my first fuid drive & it's a kick to drive. Being an older resto it dosen't need much but it does need carpet. so when I pulled up the old stuff I found two access panels, one shows two cylinrical "cans" with wires. These cans are attached to the side of the trans . Above that is a smaller access that states "fill here" I'm guessing thsi is for the fluid drive???? also guessing 90 weight???? Next to the cans at the larger access is a square plug , this tells you if the trans case is full??? Can anyone tell me if any of these guesses are right. Any thoughts are MUCH appreciated. Thanks Handyman
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