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  1. Here are a couple more pics from a bit later, in case any of you wants to exercise your expertise.
  2. Good forensics lump! The closer I look at it the worse it looks. Your explanation re glare or shadow is very plausible.
  3. Thanks folks, interesting and valuable info. Re the black one, looking more closely at the photo I have (which is a copy of a copy of...) it actually looks like it's been touched-up. FYI my mother's parents owned this hotel, and she was born there 100 years ago Jan 27 (unfortunately, I've forgotten which room number, and she isn't around any longer to remind me).
  4. Here's a "rear end" view of 5-1/2 vehicles parked at the Imperial Hotel in Grand Bend Ontario. Sorry, it's not the clearest. The owners could be Canadians or Americans -- the hotel would get a lot of tourists and businessmen coming up from Detroit, Port Huron, or even Buffalo. I'm trying to pin an approximate date on the photo based on the cars. Extra points if you can actually identify the models. Thanks.
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