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  1. Hi Guys, Can someone tell me if the 1929 model U is the same manifold as the 30U. I have 2 engines that came with my plymouth coupe , one has sharper corners on the head and I am told this is the correct engine and this would be the one that I am also looking for an inlet manifold ? I would be happy to buy a cracked or damaged one as I have experience in pattern making and if I could get a sample I could make a suitable pattern and cast one A lot of work but would give it ago. Cheers Ray Whiting
  2. Hi I am restoring a 1929 Plymouth Model U Coupe. There was no carburettor or manifold with the engine so I am looking for both parts. However I was told by one source ( and this is confirmed on on internet site ) that the carb I require is a tillotson FR-1. A reputable carb restorer/supplier in the states says the original cars had a Carter RT-08 but recommends fitting a Carter BB1 as fitted to Later models. Can anyone confirm what is the correct original fitting.
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