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  1. Absolutely, I understand that some invest vast sums of money restoring collectable cars, some are in possession of rare, pristine, low mileage survivor cars, pieces of motoring history. Those cars should be preserved for posterity. Jay Leno does that, Harold LeMay's family does that as well as countless other automobile enthusiasts. This car ain't that caliber of car so I'm going to have fun driving it.
  2. I would agree, there are some bargain classics out there from that period. Fox body 5.0L Mustangs seem popular. I make light of this Maseratty but I make fun of all cars, they are all terrible, I try not to take it all too seriously...not become obsessed and all that nonsense, then it ceases to be enjoyable. I paid no where near what they are asking for those CL cars and as result I am able to drive this car and not worry, use it for transportation which is my definition of what a vehicle is intended to be. Stylish looks are always a bonus of course. From my research this should be a relativel
  3. I stand corrected. Three lug madness. Don't want to snap off a rusty stud on one of these.
  4. Now my little heart is broken, my K-car Maseratty TC by Chrysler is not the most desirable iteration. But who really desires any iteration of a K-car anyway? LOL
  5. Speaking from experience, in the past I've owned two MOPAR mini-vans with the Mitsubishi 3.0L V6 engine, both were reliable engines with good power, 70 MPH on the freeway all day long without complaining, never smoked or leaked. I purchased this Mase'ratty' TC because it had this particular engine, rebuilt. I don't need the hassles of an exotic, high revving turbo charged four banger with a Cosworth head, I wanted a fun, dependable driver. No substitute for displacement. Sorry, in my opinion this car is too heavy to be powered by a 2.2L four cylinder engine no matter how it is aspirated. These
  6. For Sale or Trade: !960s vintage Joe Hunt/Vertex magneto. Fits a Chevy Corvair engine, made in Switzerland. Still functions, it will give you a jolt! Make offer or trade for 250cc Puch/Sears Allstate motorcycle or some other kind of motorcycle, a canoe or other cool stuff. Located in Tacoma, Washington.
  7. A car only Ricardo Montalban could love.
  8. I've only owned this car since last Thursday so I am not an expert but from what I am finding it was what Chrysler termed a G (or maybe a Q) platform, second generation K platform with a shortened length which was also common to the Dodge Daytona, LeBaron convertible and other MOPARS of the era. Early models had a turbo four banger, Cosworth heads or some such thing, then they put a Mitsubishi 3.0l V6 mini-van engine in the later ones which is what I have. It seems basically the TC is a LeBaron convertible that came with a removable hardtop, leather interior and some special trim and badging,
  9. Absolutely, far too expensive for what it was, lacked the performance one would expect from an automobile badged with the Maserati trident. Not a bad car, not a great car but a unique, interesting, low production car with ties to an exotic, Italian super-car marque. What's not to love?
  10. I thought I was buying a fine luxury touring roadster, now I find it is nothing but a $37,000 K car. LOL I just bought this car for a second vehicle, it's driver quality which is what I intend to do with it, drive and enjoy it. This car is fun, weird, unusual, rare, distinctive...all at import, econo-box pricing. Mechanical parts from Autozone, easy to repair and maintain Mitsubishi 3.0l engine. Always wanted a car with portholes!
  11. Bambi did not die in vain, did the world a great service, sent a K car to the scrapyard. RIP Bambi.
  12. I recently came into possession of a fine Italian touring roadster, a 1991 Maserati TC convertible. A wonderful triple black automobile with luxurious hand stitched Italian leather interior, (leather might even be from Corinthian cows), stylish European grill and badging, full power, AC, heater, a Mitsubishi 3.0l V6 Chrysler mini-van engine(!), four wheel anti-lock disc brakes...the list of luxury, sporting accessories goes on. Only 127K actual miles but hey, it runs, drives and stops ,didn't have to bring a trailer and it was cheap!!! Most everything works on the car except the odometer, the
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