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  1. As a youngster who has grown up with power-seats being more or less standard, I think I’ll make sure to buy a fully-optioned Reatta. You old timers have talked me into it 😝
  2. @padgett I love that white/blue/blue combo! The blue really pops. Quick question: SS in this context means Select Sixty, right?
  3. Hi Barney, thanks for your answers and advice. I definitely think the red convertible top on the Reatta I’m looking at is an aftermarket job, since the dealer mentioned having the service receipt for a new top. As for the Mecum auction, it sold for $22,000! You’re right, it was a base model without PS or CD player, but it sure was pretty to look at. I just thought that was a surprisingly high price, based on my 2-3 months experience hunting for Reattas. I’ll PM you about that SC tip, thanks!
  4. Hello all, I'm new here. I'm not yet a Reatta owner, but I've got the bug bad and I'm on the hunt! I wanted to ask y'all a few questions and hopefully benefit from the community's experience. 1: Any opinions on what a non-stock, non-factory color convertible top might do to a '91 Reatta's value? It's a very tasteful red top added to a white convertible and it was installed by East Coast Reattas, who I believe are well regarded around here, yeah? The unit I'm looking at also has modded white Reatta wheels that are not quite as tasteful as the ragtop. 2: Do you guys think
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