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  1. Hey everyone. I am building a 1963 lark. This car is no special vehicle. Its a 4 door originally had a 6 cyl. I'm trying to build a wealth of knowledge about these vehicles. I'm building this up as a family car and a sleeper. I've got two 289's that have never been touched. I've read dozens of articles about these engines and I understand that these are damn impressive. I want to build it as an r2, r3, or r4. I'm looking for someone who can educate me about the finer details. Is it possible to build a stock 289 into an r4? Is it realistically possible to get heads for an r3 or r4? What are my options for grinding the cam to the right specs? Does anyone make reliable parts for these engines? What do I need to know before I start? Please don’t berate me for dumb questions I'm trying to learn here and I'd like to make some friends and connections in the studebaker world. I live in colorado.
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