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  1. They are not bad but had the front end apart so was going to replace all wear parts. Sounds like clean repaint control arms new dust boots is the way to go on the uppers. Another question is the lower control arm bushing had play in it so was planning to replace that. When I removed the bolt the threads were worn as if the bushing was riding on them. I wouldve thought if it was meant as a shaft it would be smooth where the bushing was. Thinking the bolt is supposed to pull the mounting flanges into contact with center of bushing and the bushing is the pivot point not the bolt. Any idea if
  2. I have a 68 Riviera I am wanting to change the upper ball joints on. The chassis manual describes the upper ball joint removal as drilling out the 4 welds and bolting in the replacement ball joint. Mine looks to be pressed in and then welded in place. I have not come across this type before so any advice on removal and reinstall is appreciated.
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