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  1. This is located in the center of the top of the cowl. In front of the windshield and under the hood.
  2. As per title would like a working one so I can shed the aftermarket under the dash piece of clutter. Thanks
  3. ok Tremclad Sand looks like it might be close. Flat or gloss?
  4. This is a good point, also make sure spring is in the pocket squared up to the end. i have had them rotate out of square and cause a height difference.
  5. My top frame is a sort of a tan/beige shading slightly pinkish. I am putting on a tan top. Is there an official name for the paint color? does anyone have a close enough suggestion? I am not doing a concurs restoration. Thanks in advance everyone. R
  6. I am sure I have my original one which I am not using. Let me find it and send you a picture. Thanks to Miguel for telling me someone was looking.
  7. Have you tried Hydro-E-Lectric? https://www.hydroe.com/
  8. I can get a picture. There is a seam at that point. I have to doors off. May be able to get some underside as well.
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