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  1. Very nice car indeed. It could be beautiful target for modelling. If only it would be possible to get more photos of her. Not only outside, but also underneath to see the details of frame, axles, suspension, gearbox, engine etc.
  2. I found this old thread after suggestion from a forum member when searching detail photos of 1911...1913 Mercer Raceabout cars. My intention is to build a 1/6 scale very detailed model of the vehicle, and am searching contact information of companies or individuals who have restored these magnificent cars. To be able to build accurate model, lot of photograps are necessary not only of outside details, but also of the frame, axles, suspension, wheels, gearbox, engine, etc. which normally are hiding under the car and bonnet. Few years ago I was building a very accurate model of Bugatti 35 in my favourite scale 1/6, which was based on photos taken during restoration of a full size Bugatti. I attach a couple of pictures of the model so that you can see the level of accuracy which I am aiming to. I have understood that there are many Mercer specialists at this forum, so I kindly ask if some of you could provide me the photos I need. I am also ready to pay a reasonable price for them to cover your trouble. In case you are not able to help me, I would appreciate it a lot if you could inform where to ask next.
  3. Beautiful car in beautiful atmosphere. Thank you Joe. BTW I contacted Mr Longfield by email. Let's see if I get answer from him.
  4. Thank you Joe! I try to contact him.
  5. # MikeC5, thank you! I didn't count the hours but roughly it took about 3 years to build the model. Not full time but during the free time. # nickelroaster, in fact I have informed model builders in my country that I might be able to help them to fabricate parts for their models. Until today there has not been very much interest. To fabricate full size parts is too much for my humble premises and machines. # A. Ballard 35R, I have issued some build blogs at some other forums. I think this is more concentrating to full size cars. My intention is to start a blog of the Mercer too, if I ever am ready to start the build. # Laughing Coyote, good hint, I must check it out!
  6. And special thanks to RansomEli for your wonderful closeups. I downloaded your 70+ pictures into my hard disk so that now I can really start building the model!
  7. Beautiful drawings, thank you very much Benoit!
  8. Thanks a lot guys, now we are getting there! As some of you wanted here are a couple of pictures of my Bugatti model.
  9. Thank you 1935Packard! Good quality pictures indeed. Those are very valuable for model building, but still I would like to have closeups of different parts of the vehicle to disclose the smallest details.
  10. Hello, I am a retired electronics engineer living in Finland. My hobby is car model building. A few years ago I was building a very detailed 1/6 scale model of a Bugatti 35 all from scratch. Now that I am searching new project, I would like to build a model of 1912 Mercier Raceabout in the same 1/6 scale including as much details as possible.This is why I am searching companies or individuals to be able to help me to find detail photographs of this wonderful car.If you are not able to help me, I would be very glad if you could inform me where to ask further.
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