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  1. Hi, can I see pic of hood ornament. I have a 32 wheel medallion, but I only have 1.
  2. I have those wheel medallions, my question about price is for goddess
  3. Yes there are some hubcap medallions I'm looking for
  4. Hi, do you have any 1930s V12 or V16 emblems?
  5. Rare 1930-32 Cadillac V8 radiator badge with headlight bar. $450 shipped
  6. I'm selling these all on Ebay or through PayPal. Message for prices. Prices vary from $15-250. Reasonable offers considered
  7. How much for the Cadillac? I cant figure out how to post a.pic of which one
  8. I collect Cadillac hood mascots, hood ornaments and emblems, and am looking for a few hard to find ones . Any help is appreciated 1933 herron, 1934 hood ornament, 1930 v16 small round radiator emblem, 1938 v16 grill emblem, anyV16, 1928 v8 radiator emblem, 1932 v16 winged radiator emblem, probably several others
  9. Have you checked Ebay? I have seen the 1936 and 1938 there recently. I am searching for 2 more also. I have almost all of them.
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