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  1. It's been really helpful to hear from owners of a A's and a T's. The feeder roads where I live have three lanes and speed limits over 40mph, but just a few miles outside of my neighborhood it's rural with lots of farm roads. There's also a farm museum close to where I live that offers a class where you get to learn to drive an original 1911 Brass T. The MTFCA has been very helpful. I plan to talk with the Model A club as well. In just a few short days I've been able to put a plan together. Good to know that seats are adjustable on certain As. I like the 29-30 Standard/Deluxe/Sport coup
  2. While I prefer the look of earlier 30's cars in general, Buick's and Packard's of the mid-late 30's have always caught my eye. I've been to the Packard museum. I never considered a junior Packard until it was mentioned by several others on this post because values on older Packards were always way out of my range when talking to owners about their cars. I'll need to find some good sources of info on the 120s and 110s that Ken speaks of. Really beautiful sedans, coupes, etc. I've been in a few mid-late 30's Buicks and found them to be pretty spacious for a guy my size. Most of my height
  3. Well, padgett, I plan to drive it for leisure by myself or with family/friends around Texas and Oklahoma and explore many of the small rural towns I've never been to. Once I leave the DFW metroplex I'll have an easier time navigating the back roads. Growing up on a dairy farm, I probably could find a few triangles 😀 Realistically a T is going to be a hard sell in traffic unless it's Saturday morning. A 30's Ford, Mopar, or GM with a six or eight will get me out of town in a hurry. Thanks, JR, I didn't know the earlier cars were that much smaller. I'm also 6'4" and my size 13 feet touch
  4. Hello everyone, I'm 32, from Texas, new to the hobby, and committed to getting educated before jumping in. I'd like to discuss the pros and cons of the Ford Model T, A, and early V8 Fords through the lens of the novice hobbyist who is interested in a weekend driver and not necessarily a show car. My family got me interested in old cars. I've ridden in a Model T, A, and 30's coupes. I'm teaming up with a friend who's also new to the hobby and interested in tinkering. I've got little skill turning a wrench, but I'm willing to learn. I also have a limited tool set and no trailer, but I
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