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  1. I don’t know if it’s real or not. But Just knowing my grandpa, an old school Chrysler guy, who always did everything “the right way”. Being a knock of would surprise me, but stranger things have happened. It is very dirty. It’s been in the attic of the garage for who know how long.
  2. Oh wow! That is amazing. You are awesome. Thanks so much. I have been working on that for like weeks.
  3. I dunno. It looks similar but not exactly right. This is what I found when searching 1955 dodge.
  4. I found a set of these hubcaps in my grandpas garage while cleaning it out. He was an old car guy and worked at Chrysler way back in the day. He always had some cool nice cars. I have scoured the internet and I can not figure out what this logo is from. Can anyone help? I am so invested now and I need to know.
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