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  1. I just purchased a 1938 Buick century 2 door coupe , starting to restore, in need of some parts. I saw this forum’s did do not know how it works. Would like to join a 37,38 Buick forum ray
  2. Do you still have any 38 Buick parts? I need left side grill, nose chrome, left headlight reflector, and a friend looking for other parts thanks. Ray 907-295-4181. Call/ text
  3. Is grill still available, showed up on internet you posted 2017
  4. I am new to this I just purchased 1938 Buick century 2 door coupe in very good condition, I think, I bought all the rubber items, but still need some parts. I am looking for : headlight reflector bucket *** running board mats running board chrome 2 hub caps can anybody give me some ideas where to look. I did not see anything on internet or eBay Also is there a way to fix dented stainless steel trim. anybody know a good rechroming shop in New Jersey thanks Ray
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