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  1. Thanks DaveDeppe for the car spotters guide. Very interesting
  2. Went looking on the spring mount, No luck. Hard to understand how that could disappear. Thanks for the pics, your car looks great.
  3. Guages fit the hole. Looks like the car is a 1926 model G 70. Amazing! I have paper work going back to 1966 with pictures dating this car as a 1924. Thanks Viv W, hwellens.
  4. Thank You for the info and quick response. Looking above or on the instrument panel shows no markings. There is a depressed area on dash were a FEDCO plate would be. Now has light switch and hole. No numbers on the Chrysler tag on fire wall. Possibly had an engine swap over the ninety plus years. appreciate your impute in solving the year of the engine and car.
  5. I recently purchased a 1924 Chrysler Roadster project. I have been trying to find any marking on the car to identify the year. The FEDCO plate is missing. There is a Chrysler plate on the fire wall but it has no ID numbers on it. I have searched the frame but cant find any stamping. The car came with two engine blocks both removed from the car. One has an ID # G 103995 the other is G 155727. If any one can assist me in wear to locate a frame ID or where how to identifying the blocks I would be most grateful.
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