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  1. Hi David sorry for the long time in replying as have had a lot on with the Covid over here. As to the Packard hinges have looked at the piano hing in the past but it only went up to the early 30,ts on Packards if I don,t get the hinges will put the piano hing on thanks for the help Graham.
  2. Hi all my name is Graham I live in the UK am looking for a pair off door hinges to fit my 1937 Packard golf door compartment. Not bothered what car they are from as long as they are period looking I have made a new body as the old one rusted away and it was better to save the car than scrapping it so now the fun starts if you can help that would be good many thanks Graham.
  3. Hi my name is Graham I live in the UK I have a [ 1937 Packard Super 8 ] it has been off the road for some 50 years .It was found in a field in a bad way in 1967 .It had lost most of the body but the engine and gearbox plus all the running gear was there .I bought the car from a friend three years back he is 80 years old and had decided he would not be able to complete the restoration so I said I would buy the car from him .Now the fun starts it still had no body so I decided to make a boat tail body .I am after a pair of hinges for the golf club door not bothered what car they came
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