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  1. The issue with GL5 oils, as highlighted by Aussi John is that they may contain "harsh"EP additives (eg sulphur compounds) that attack yellow metals eg copper, bronze. There are some around that say they are safe with these metals, so just check with the manufacturer that your oil is safe with the metals in your diff, as previously advised.
  2. Thankyou Dictator27, I will pass it on. It is appreciated SC14MOC
  3. A friend in Houston is trying to work out the make of car that his great grandfather is driving in the attached photo. It was taken in Ireland in the 1920's. It maybe missing its headlights; looks like the car has had an accident and tilted the radiator backwards? Thanks. SC14MOC
  4. I am after a Wagner generator - do you have a model number for the one you are selling? Thanks SC14MOC
  5. I am interested in the round brake/number plate light in the second last photo. Thanks SC14MOC
  6. Recently acquired a 1914 RHD SC Studebaker (Aus). No evidence of ever being a LHD drive, so probably exported from Canada - no body plate survives. It is a "bitzer" with an SC body, SD engine and some period bits & pieces. Its early history is unknown, with the vehicle having been restored back in the late '70s; 4th owner since then. A previous owner used it in several major events and that accounts for the plastic stickers. It is registered and running fine - saves a lot of work before having some use! Recently joined the Antique Studebaker Club and the Historical Studebaker Register of Australasia to improve my knowledge of the marque. My plan is to buy some bits and pieces to make it more original as a lot of the electrics have gone eg horn & lights. Thus an easy update here is to replace the carbide lights with the correct electric ones. This is where I am after some advice – the sales literature says the lights are Gray & Davis, but which model are the headlights (B2 or B3) or a special run? Any help appreciated. I expect that I will be back seeking more advice over the next while. Thanks. SC14MOC
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