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  1. Hello again, I had misplaced your # or I'd have called. I took photos of the front and rear weather seals that attach to the leading post on the doors, the upright portion of the top at the rear of the window opening, and the wiper felt at the outer opening of the window slot in the door. They look to be original and are in bad shape but I can send those pics to you if they'd be helpful. I'll machine some top rest cleats out of aluminum bar stock and space them off of the deck to support the top. Windows will wait for the summer as I'm still looking for an outline tracing of an original o
  2. Thanks again! I wasn't sure of their function and had assumed that these were tie-downs. Yours is a beautiful car. Might you know of a source for replacements?
  3. Oh well, it has been a long day and it's getting on time for rest. Thank you for your assistance with this information.
  4. Yes I see. I had wondered about the various holes in the body and then realized that those in the cowl were for the brackets to secure the spare tires, The 4 pair of holes ahead of the rumble seat opening are for some sort of bolt on handles or tie-downs that I don't have, and those on the beltline are for the irons
  5. Thank you for including these photos, a picture really is worth 1,000 words! My car was a cobbled up street rod that was butchered in the 1970's and owned by a friend. My window panes have no trim surrounding them, only the base that the regulator attaches to. Not having seen one in person, I'd wondered what the 6 holes were supposed to secure. The Landau Irons are posted on Ebay ($499) by a Texas vendor and are in rough shape. This week I'm heading to a local plating shop that I've used before, with a photo of them to get a rough idea of the price to have them refinished before purchasing
  6. I have 2 lower channels with broken panes, one intact rear "seal" and one intact front "seal" , two regulators that will need cleaning and refurbishing and window cranks. The seals are all petrified and I'll be looking for pliable replacements too. The top bows are intact and function well. A top was fabricated by some shop years ago.
  7. I've located Landau Irons for my car. Now I'm looking for side window patterns or templates to have new windows cut. Thanks for your help.
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