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  1. Just and update. Got my new tire and wheels installed and there are no clearance issues. Thanks again.
  2. I took off the front 14" original and it has a 3.5" backspace. The new ones I want to buy are 4" (0 offset). I also placed the new wheel-less tire in the fender well with the axle more or less centered and there was still a lot of room all around (with the 14" in the driving position I measured >10" clearance above the tire). I realize that the car will be lower once it is totally off the jack. The backs fender clearance is the same. The tire width difference between the 14s and the 17s is < 1" and there is plenty of inner fender clearance. Anything else I am missing? Thanks ag
  3. The former owner had 20" Crown Victoria tires on it so I'm pretty confident that 17s will work. I've also found photos of a 1962 with the same wheels on it and they seem fine. The issue is how different the 1964 is.
  4. So this is done on the back of the wheel, correct? I can do that. Thanks.
  5. This has proven a difficult question for me to answer so looking for any advice. Looking to determine if a set of wheels will fit my 1964 Ford Country Squire. Stock is 8.0-14" I want to put on 17x7 wheels with 215/65 R17 on the back and 225/65 R17 in the rear. The wheels I've looked at are 17x7 with 0 offset with a 4" backspace. Some wheel sites will say they will fit, others say they won't. Will these wheels work? My concern is hitting the ball joints or suspension. Seems like a lot of room with the 14" wheels that are on it but would appreciate your advice. The
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