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  1. What a brilliant group this is!!  All so (as we'd say over here) bloody helpful.  I've been floating around a few IT forums lately and it seems there that the objective is more to tell you how stupid you've been in either the way you word the question or for having *that* type of computer 😞


    We have a thunderstorm approaching right now and she's sitting outside (covered of course) because I couldn't get her back into the shed.  Not happy, but this has given me a bunch of ideas for after the storm passes.  (By the way for the Saskatch folk - its 37C here today! (About 98F)


    I look forward to hearing from Grimey! 

  2. @Oldtech the little glass bowl at the bottom was empty.  When I loosened the screw slightly at the bottom of that, fuel dropped into (and out of) that bowl.  It’s now full.  I haven’t checked the rest of the vacuum tank yet.  Sounds like I need to pull it apart - do you know if the idea is to take the top off that (which will involve removing the vacuum and fuel pipes I think)?


    And thanks re: Car.  Just fell in love with it.  Former museum piece - very pristine but may need some road toughening.

  3. Hi


    i’m new to this vintage car caper.  I have a 1923 Jewett 6 Cylinder (by Paige) - pictured


    i ran out of fuel (not realising the last bit won’t pick up).  After refill there is plenty of fuel in the vacuum system but none is flowing through to the carby.   The hose between vac  system and carb is completely dry and yes I’ve opened the fuel valve at the base of the vac system.


    I’m sure this is a basic fix ... I thought of priming the carb but could do with some do and don’t advice on that as well, if you think that’s the go.  Only ever primed a tractor before.


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