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  1. Want to convert my 1924 brooks steamer to wires. Need hubs and wheels tires are 5.25/5.50 21. Wondering what's out there and available . Will post taper axel diameter tommorrow. Has rear brakes only 6 bolt drums. Thanks pictures of my car are in the discussion forum under anyone restoring a doble
  2. I have sent a note to the fellow in England that is on this site about getting the dimensions of the bolt head. I have communicated with him before but it takes a few days for a response . The bolts pictured above are not what I am looking for but thank you for your effort. I think they are going to be in the 1 1/4 × 1 inch range. I will post size once I am sure . May have to go make them myself route. Thanks for all the input on this. Mark
  3. OK my mistake. Took a wheel apart and got some correct measurements . Bolts are 7/16 dia. And 2 inches long from underside of head. Sorry for the confusion the modern bolts in rhe wheels looked to be 3/8 but are not.. thanks
  4. Thanks for all the response to this. I will check on the length today I think you are correct they will be shorter than 4 inch. Going by the markings on the spokes the head is wider and obviously longer than a standard carraige bolts. Certainly can be made but I thought I would ask around first I need 12. If l only needed 1 or 2 I would have tried something all ready. Thanks again
  5. Unfortunately I don't have any original bolts .someone before me put standard carraige bolts in place
  6. Looking for a supplier of oval head bolts for my brooks steamer rear wheels. 3/8 by 4 inch long
  7. Pictures of my brooks Car is 11th car built going by serial number. It is a 1924 milage is thought to be 470 original miles. Mark
  8. Hi I have a brooks here in victoria I could really use these parts . Can someone one PLEASE put me in contact with ths person. BEFORE This goes goes to scrap. Please contact mark 250 727 1142
  9. Hi George mark here I have sent a couple of emails are you getting them. Is your email been Changed? Please contact me . Thanks mark
  10. Hello I am new here. I have a brooks in canada I would like to contact you to discuss the cars .I would really like some pictures of your burner and boiler. I just had a new asme boiler built here in canada and am in the process of dealing with the burner. Thanks
  11. Like to contact person who posted video of brooks in the uk jeff theobalds car. I have a brooks like to see more pictures of boiler and burner. Thanks
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