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  1. Well y'all have been a tremendous help I guess the only question that remains is how much is she worth and I've always been told that cleaning something decreases the value of it but I am dying to polish her I think she deserves better than that what do y'all think?

  2. I'm new to this site so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place. I just acquired my very own God as a speed. I instantly fell in love tried to find some more information about her but can't. My God is a speed doesn't follow a donut it follows an airplane. Any background info on my lady would be greatly appreciated




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  3.  Ok I'm probably in the wrong section so forgive me. I just squires my very own goddess of speed! I instantly fell in love with her. I'm having a hard time iding her. Could somebody please help me? I've only seen one picture like mine. It is a goddess of speed holding an airplane. Any info would be greatly appreciated.




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