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  1. Hello guys, car is finally sold 😅😪
  2. I wish I would have room to store it 😔 i hate selling it.
  3. It’s still for sale. The guy that actually wants to buy it still hasn’t paid. He said he will take it and now I haven’t heard anything from him in almost a week. so if anyone is interested. Shoot me a text or call me. 201-4700418 Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!!
  4. Good eyes 🙂 was still off when I took the pictures. Did driver side, front and rear first. Then drove around the block, took the pictures and backed it up in the garage to do the passenger side. I have so little room in the garage, I can’t access both sides. I might have a buyer for it. I’ll keep you posted.
  5. Quick update. I put all the trim back on. I also don`t think that there is anything wrong with the motor. Once it`s warmed up, it runs super smooth. No funny noises whatsoever. I still believe its a balance issue. Fabian
  6. Hi Mitch, Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for you offer. I almost certain now, that there is nothing wrong with the engine. So I don`t need a crankshaft anymore. If something changes, I`ll get back to you. Again, many thanks for you offer. Fabian
  7. Hello, I`m looking for a crankshaft for a 1959/60 (should be the same) 364 Nailhead with automatic transmission. Thanks a lot, Fabian
  8. Hi, how are you? I`m selling some 59 Buick parts: > working dash clock (refurbished with receipt) > Hubcaps > Side trim (4dr) > Trunk emblems > Grill emblem > Ignition swith > wiper switch > Tail light If interested, please text me on 201/4700418 Or Facebook massager (Tobias Perleberg) Thanks a lot Fabian
  9. Hello guys, Hope you are doing well. As announced already in some other threads, here comes my 59 LeSabre up for sale. I need the garage and have no time to finish that project. I`m not online very often so please text 201-4700418 or email me at fabianC18@aol.com. Buick is located in 07645 Montvale, NJ Needs some work!! Trim needs to be installed (its all there incl new retainers) and motor needs to be balanced or (worst case) it needs a new crankshaft. Vibrates when accelerating. Motors idles very smooth. I`m selling my 1959 Buick LeSabre.
  10. Hi, I`m still stuck with this vibrations and don`t have the time to work on it anymore and need the garage. Someone told me the crankshaft might be bad. I`m trying to sell it as is to someone that has the time and room to work on it. Hope it finds a good home. I`d like to get 7800 Dollars. I paif 5k for the car and put over 3k already into it. So I`m loosing money already but I`m at a point now, where it is time to let it go. Thanks
  11. Hello guys, thanks for all your feedback. Times are crazy and I`m so busy with other stuff I still haven`t found the time to check everything you suggested and I don`t think this will change pretty soon. We need the room in the garage and probably just try to sell it as is to someone that has the time and room for the car. I would like to get 7800 Bucks for it and will post it here in the forum these days. Hope it finds a good home. Thanks a lot
  12. Hi guys, sorry for the late reply. Christmastime is always a busy time in our house. Spark plug wires are new as well as the spark plugs. Points and condenser are new as well. I`m pretty sure its not a tuning issue. Bit I will check everything you mentioned above. I have it at the transmission shop right now and we will check the flex plate again. The dowel at the crankshaft is only at the manual transmission cars, not the automatic ones. So it IS possible to mount it wrong. I`m gonna check this next and work from there. I keep you posted. Thanks and happy new year
  13. Hi Old-Tank. Thanks for your reply. I should have worded that better. The compression is not like new. I now. but all 8 cylinders are pretty close. So there is not a dead one. That’s actually what I wanted to say. The engine was most likely never opened and runs good for its age. The overall reduced compression would not cause this vibrations. We had Torque converter and transmission apart. No loose parts. Unfortunately the transmission shop did mark the flywheel position and put it back together the same way as it was before. They did not pay any attention of any holes or pins. They d
  14. Hello all, hope you are all doing well. I need help with my 59 LeSabre. Car was sitting for about 8 years until recently. Apparently it had some slight vibrations already before (previous owner told me so. He never cared since it wasn't to bad he said). We have a 59 Invicta as well and there are no vibrations at all, so I know there is something wrong. The symptoms are: Car starts right up and vibrates in idle a little bit (steering wheel shakes). As soon as you put it in gear (D, L or R) the vibrations stop. If you then start driving, the vibrations are really ba
  15. Good point. I would also pay the 4% to be on the safe side. better safe then sorry
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