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  1. yes, they go on and off with door jamb switch, work with the head light switch and the switch on the dash
  2. Finally received my door jamb switches that Gordon rebuilt for me (took forever for the post office to deliver) and that was my problem. All lights now work as they are suppose to. He does an excellent job!
  3. Gordon, I don't have messenger, here is my email address pjmilanowski525@gmail.com thanks
  4. Gordon, I have tried several times to send an email and it will not go thru for some reason! What I need is 2 door jamb switches rebuilt for 63 Riviera. Also need 2 rubber boots if you have them. Where do I go from here?
  5. I have tried sending an email to Gordon Wolfgang and it does not go thru. I sent to gordon.wolfgang@msdminc.com is this the correct email address?
  6. Thanks for all the advise. After further investigation I am pretty sure the door jamb switches are my problem.
  7. This is hard to explain, rotating the headlight switch to off turns all interior lights off but they do not come on with door open. With the lights turned on with the headlight switch they go out when door is closed except for rear sail lights.
  8. I have a 1963 Riviera. All the interior lights go off when I shut the door except the rear sail lights. Can anyone tell me why?
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