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  1. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the input. As it seems there is no drop-in solution, I'll decide which route I want to take when plumbing things in! -Scott
  2. This may be bringing up an old topic, but I've been searching the forum and just can't find a solution on this topic. I have a 63 Riv and plan on running an EFI throttle body. I've installed these before and have found that the in-tank electric fuel pump are much quieter than the in-line pumps. I'm having trouble locating a company that makes an in-tank fuel pump with return that will fit in the stock mounting hole in a 63 Riv fuel tank. Does anyone know of a company that makes one? Or are people modifying a stock pickup by incorporating an electric pump or drilling a
  3. Thanks! Time to switch to under the dash then...
  4. The work is coming along well... 1965rivgs - I am about to start on the firewall and going to check/replace the heater core. I know I have to replace the A/C evaporator core as well. Will I be able to access/remove the evaporator core as well from the engine compartment? It is unclear from the pictures above
  5. Thank you This helps a lot! Just got the entire front suspension off. both upper and lower control arms look good. Not looking forward to getting out the old lower control arm bushings, but it has to be done! Next will be pulling the engine and then I'll tackle the heater box. -Scott
  6. That is a good idea about the heater core. I am planning on making this a fully functional car, so heat will be needed. Does anyone have a picture of where to cut on the firewall? That would be very helpful. Scott
  7. Thanks everyone! I joined the Riviera Owners Association a few weeks ago, which has been great! I'll take a look there to see what I can find. I'm tearing in the front suspension this weekend and will be able to take a closer look. During my initial cleaning, the amount of rust flakes that were coming off was a bit concerning. Sometimes the engineering/scientist in me comes out and start thinking about age, creep, fatigue life, etc. and you just start wondering. The good thing is, like TELRIV mentioned, the hood is almost laser straight (see image), so its always nic
  8. I've been looking for a 1963-65 Riviera for years and I finally found one! It's a project car that had an engine fire. Luckily, the fire was not too damaging as the fenders and hood are all still perfectly straight. So it's been torn down in the front and I'm starting on the suspension. I'm in the process of replacing all of the rubber bushings and suspension parts. I would like to replace both the upper/lower control arms as I'm concerned with the heat damage combined with 57 years. I am having trouble locating either stock or after market (tubular) replacement control arms. Note
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