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  1. Ok so here what I found out after buying a nice multimeter the original coil was not bad, and the coil I did order and receive after reading shop manual was made for a six cylinder engine, according to the shop manual they had specific coils for the six and eight cylinder engines, stated each coil had certain characteristics for each distributed and engine, that being said the ground wire was bad from coil to distributor after replacing still seemed low voltage to distributor but had good spark between the points and thus testing the spark plugs had good spark and fired in order, so lesson lea
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies, I’ve got some time tomorrow to follow everyone’s guidance I’ll let you know what I find out
  3. Test light shows power to the coil from ignition switch and then to the distributor and now the whole distributor lights up no mater what I’m touching , tried the jump wire and well it just gets really hot and smokes within like two seconds, need to use a larger gauge wire
  4. No no spark at the points either
  5. Hey all new to the forum and currently working on a 47 Pontiac that has been sitting inside for the last 40 years, I’ve done new coil, new points, condenser, cap, wires, battery, plugs, even found a burnt out fuse under the dash connected to the ignition, I still have no spark to the plugs, am I grounding out in the distributor? Is there something I’m missing? Any help would be appreciated, straight 8 motor spins fine good compression in all cylinders this thing is relatively in amazing shape for sitting inside for so long
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