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  1. Anybody know the valve setting on a 1928 Victory six?
  2. Hi Guys, this weekend I celebrated my 87th Birthday and for the first time in all of my years fooling with old cars, had my two son to take a ride in one of my old cars, It made my day, they are into muscle cars and never care about the old stuff, so I was surprised when they got in and went for a ride. They were very surprised at how the old Dandy Dodge preformed, and how quite and smooth it rode. It very important to have our younger generation to pick up the interest we have in these old buggy's. I believe that the reason we are seeing the decline in the value of these treasures we love so much. Well enough said, I got to get busy planning my 90th Birthday. LOL
  3. Hi all, the Dandy Dodge is running strong and drives better than expected, The tire changing was the roughest job we had, never change tires with that type of rim, brake restoration was not to bad after getting the Hubs loose. Am happy with the Dandy Dodge but need a exhaust Manifold, it has a couple of crack, we have sealed them, but be nice to replace it . If anyone has a extra manifold it good order and willing to sell, please let me know. The speedometer was another issue, took it apart, fell into a hundred pieces, too many to try to mend, so bought a 1924 speedometer and between to two got one to work and fit back into the instrument panel. My friend who is a old school master mechanic and I have restores 4 cars in the last three years, never had one this nice to start with. We think this Dodge must have spent most of its life in Storage or a Museum, the undercarriage has no dirt or rust anywhere, just amazing. My next project is to install signal light and a side view mirror to make driving more enjoyable.
  4. Looking good Ted, it's coming along as all your projects seem too. I am making progress on the Victory sedan I bought from you, thanks for such a fine car.
  5. Well, It's alive, It's alive, after checking and rewiring all needed item, we were ready to bring it alive , It turned over 1 half turn and were running, sounded great, no noises, good oil pressure, so I decided to move forward to ordering new tire and new exhaust system. The under side of this car is so clean, it must have spent most of its life in a garage. The DB6 is a Budd all steel body and is rust free, just amazing.
  6. Thanks for the reply Keiser 31, Thought it might have a connection because of the lighting bolt in the Radiator badge. another question, what is the distributor point gap, it has dual points? Car has not been started in a long time, it was missing the vacuum tank and carburetor, since they have been gotten, now being recondition and almost finish. can hardly wait to hear this puppy run.
  7. Hi all, just purchased a new toy and have a question about the lighting bolt displayed on the radiator, I have not seen the same on any of the pictures posted in my Google search. I will try to post pictures.
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