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  1. Hey Hugh, one more thing about the seat springs, did you reuse old coil springs or did you replace any with new? If you replaced, did you find a source for new ones of the correct dimensions? In addition to my missing rear backrest, my rear bottom spring is badly corroded and at least 10 or more coils need to be replaced. Those coils are heavier wire than the backrest coils. Do you know a source for replacements? Thanks, Ron.
  2. Thanks so much Hugh, I'm going to check it against the front backrest that I do have, to see if the dimensions are the same.
  3. Hi, I'm missing the threaded cap on the end of the corrugated tube that carries the wire to one of my headlights. I do have the corresponding socket but it's broken so I could use that too. Here is a photo of the other side that is still intact. I feel like this will be a difficult part to find since it's so small. Anyone have a spare or alternatively a suggestion of a modern day replacement?
  4. Kevin, in one of the two links to other posts you mentioned: "the left side body contour front to back is slightly crooked in the center pillar area, while the right side, second photo, has a nice smooth contour. I was able to improve the left side by making a new wood piece for the top of the center pillar.". Mine is exactly the same but a bit worse. I'm assuming it's because the drivers side gets more door opening and closing and gives way after a while. I didn't understand your fix though, since I haven't yet investigated that area. But your photos are very helpful to see what things look like underneath...
  5. Hi guys, one more thing. Not to change the topic here but do you guys happen to have dimensions (and a photo) of the rear backrest seat spring? Mine is missing so I'm going to have to build one from scratch but without one to copy I'd have to guess on the shape and dimensions...
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for the info. Firstly, my front pan is intact and in good shape. It's only the back one that's the problem. Looking at the photo that Kevin posted, it looks like the rear pan comes with the curved part attached, is that right? All I have is the curved plate and initially I didn't even realize that there wasa back pan. Here's a photo. You can see the remains of the curved piece to the right. And yes the wood needs work. Could you send me the dimensions of the rear pan please? Do you know the depth and dimensions of the bump? Thanks, Ron.
  7. Hi, I'm in need of the sheet metal pan under the rear seat, as well as the curved plate just in front of the rear seat base. There is enough left of the curved plate to use as a guide to reproduce but the floor pan is missing so I have nothing to use as a guide. I'm looking to either buy used ones or if nothing is available does anyone know someone reproducing these sheet metal parts? Or does someone have a drawing and dimensions to share? Thanks, Ron.
  8. Yes, it does look repairable. I just need to find some new strapping. My strapping is exactly the same width and thickness as yours. So I followed the link you provided for Etsy but the product is sold out. There isn't much to choose from on Etsy for 1-1/4" width. There are a couple Cotton ones and I emailed them with questions and one replied and said that it is 2.4mm thick and it's a cotton canvas. It has an acrylic center and is wrapped in cotton. I'm thinking that is not what I want, because the cotton is probably for looks not strength. Is the strapping you used fully synthetic?
  9. Here are some photos with the unit taken apart.
  10. Wow Hugh, you've really done your research! I wasn't expecting to see documentation on the actual brand name parts that I have. That's really interesting. After finding snubbers in the book of parts, I had the feeling that mine are aftermarket replacements or maybe the factory car didn't come with them and they were added. Do you think that might be the case? Or do you think Star might have been factory equipment? I'll try to take one apart and see what I find. I was worried that there might be some big spring that blows up in my face when I open it. But it looks pretty tame inside. I'll post photos. Thanks, Ron.
  11. Can anyone offer some advice on the serviceability/repairability of these shock absorbers? 3 of 4 of mine have broken belts so are disconnected from the axle, so I'm assuming there is no spring load but I'm not really sure. I'm a little afraid to take one apart as I'm not sure what to expect. I'm hoping they can be rebuilt. Anyone have experience taking these things apart?
  12. Yes thank you, the handleman had one which I purchased.
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